The Urbis team went to the Ruhr-area for two days to gain some inspiration. Different housing, redevelopment and landscape projects have been payed a visit.

In Essen, a new example of a mulitinational headquarters is to be seen at the ThyssenKrupp campus. The ThyssenKrupp steel manufacturer has built its headquarters in a landscaped campus with office buildings and pavilions.

In Duisburg, the transformation of a former harbour area has been transformed into i lively city center district. Also the Reinpark is developed in a former industrial area, but here it turns out to be a landscape park right next to the river.

In Dortmund a tour was organised inside a private collective housing complex ‘Am Tremoniapark’. Also in Dortmund, the Phoenixsee was payed a visit. A large new waterfront development at te edge of an artificial lake. Due to the good weather, it became clear that the Ruhr-area is transforming from an industrial area to a region with clean and healthy cities.