The Touch Project has been declared by the NRW to best shopping Netherlands and win the prize NRW year 2013.     The Tap Project was started in 1997 with a contest. This was won in 1998 by the consortium Amvest , MAB and Dura Vermeer , with Urbis and urban designer . In 2006 started the construction ; Phase 1 ( Lakenhof , Claus en Kaan ) was completed in 2007 . Phase 2 , consisting of the large garage ( Kraaijvanger · Urbis ) containing Raakspoort ( Bolles Wilson ) and the Touch Quarter ( Crepain Binst ) and the breakthrough to Muted Old Canal ( Claus en Kaan ) .  The urban design as well as design for the outdoor comes from Urbis .  The jury: It is once again troubled times in our Dutch market . Economic downturns and consumer confidence is at its lowest point since the 30s of the last century . But this time it seems that there is a real break with the past occurred . The laws that are in force for decades, today almost no longer applicable. However, many projects have been started over 10 years ago . Municipalities, developers and investors hold each other , still from that spirit , in a hold that the flexibility to adapt to the current rules projects for success difficult. Consider agreed métrages for functions or industry restrictions . So much prettier that the result of the development of Raaks , started twelve years ago and last year opened, all of this time . Indeed , the natural embedding in its environment and the use of historical elements combined with contemporary architecture really stand out . The multifunctional integration of hospitality, leisure , retail , housing , services and the place of the municipal office , doing already to timeless . test