October the 23st the presentation took place of the historical atlas of the city of Delft. The author Stef van der Gaag handed over the first books to the alderman of the City of Delft and to the rector of the University of Delft.
From now on you can buy the book in the bookshops.

In the autumn the historical atlas of the City of Delft will be published.City of crafts and techniques
Written by Stef van der Gaag

The ground plan of Delft is estimated by the drain of water. A dug watercourse, named de Oude Delft, connects de the Vliet and the Schie. Almost rectangular several ditches are situated. In the Dutch Golden Age the early importance of Delft was emphasized by the third position in the row of voting cities. The city also was a large lager for weapons and had a number of military warehouses and workshops. Because of the Harbour (Delfshaven) Delft was also represented in the College of Admiralty and the Fishing Board.

ca. 80 pages | 25 x 33 cm al lot of illustrationsr design by Jan Boerman † introduction price €24,50, daarna €29,50 | november