Boulevard Konrad Adenauer – Luxembourg City


Eurocontrol Zone & Boulevard Konrad Adenauer The site is the former location of the national library of Luxembourg, the former location of the European air control education center (Eurocontrol), and an unoccupied strip of land alongside the Boulevard Adenauer. Due to the redevelopement with residential programme, the area will be [...]

Rabobank Headquarters Utrecht

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The concept of the Rabobank-campus is based on the idea of an urban atmosphere at the side of the Croeselaan and a soft, more green atmosphere at the railway track side. The total area is bind together by a clear border. Commisioned by the Rabobank In Urbis designed the position [...]

Haarlem Raaks

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 The Raaks –project is the result of a competition , wich hase been released by the city of Haarlem in 1997. Winner was the combination of the development combination MAB-DURA-AMVEST, and URBIS. It concerns the renewal of a well situated corner of the historical centre of Haarlem, that in 1997 [...]

Public space W4


The W4 project consists of the master plan for an area situated around national highway A4. This area will be completely transformed, due to the lowering and widening of the A4 through a tunnel under a substantial stretch of the present highway and under the Oude Rijn River. As a [...]

kavel 16, Ypenburg

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Kavel 16 is an expressive part of the suburb Ypenburg, the Hague. The name Ypenburg refers to the former airport of the same name, of which the airstrip forms the central green of the neighbourhood. Kavel 16 borders on this space by an apartment building with terraces. Besides this object, [...]

Tolhek Pijnacker

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Tolhek is a typical enlargement wthin the region Rotterdam-The Hague and served the purpose of the need of town houses in this region. Special is the incorporation of the regional green blue netwerk, a central park and the transportation system in the direction of the two greater cities. client Gemeente [...]

Amersfoort Vathorst

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In the plan area some 1,000 houses will be built. The first of these were realized in the summer of 2004. Urbis has the supervision over the architects who work in various subareas and for various clients. The office will also design the outside space in detail. client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst, [...]


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Experience Urbis specialized in reconstruction in existing cities and villages. In these projects we always have to deal with inhabitants, Enterprises and users of the area. The plans are sometimes intervene radically in the physic structure. That’s why input, exchange of information and understating for each other and crucial for [...]