Alkmaar Ringers Area

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Part of the location of the project site belongs to the monumental Ringers chocolate factory and overlooks the Old City of Alkmaar. It is just 10 minutes walking distance from the historic center and 5 minutes from the municipalty and the shopping area. The design strives for an attractive living [...]

Groenewoud Utrecht


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Boulevard Konrad Adenauer – Luxembourg City


Eurocontrol Zone & Boulevard Konrad Adenauer The site is the former location of the national library of Luxembourg, the former location of the European air control education center (Eurocontrol), and an unoccupied strip of land alongside the Boulevard Adenauer. Due to the redevelopement with residential programme, the area will be [...]

Lansingerland Meerpolder


From 2014 Petra sala is supervisor for Meerpolder. The final parts of this neighbourhood must be developed. Important for the new developments is to fit in the existing parts because most of the area is already there. Spatial quaility is leading for her in this process. client Community of Lansingerland [...]

Utrecht Central Station

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NS Poort commissioned us to study the development opportunities of NS Poort grounds within the area covered by the plan for the Utrecht Central Station Area. This mixed programme includes houses, offices, shops and social functions. The ground level is partly in use by sections of the public transport terminal [...]

The Hague Scheveningen harbour


After a pre-selection from various offices, Urbis, office for urban design, hase been asked to make the Urban Master Plan for Scheveningen Harbour. This project finished in 2011 and has convinced the City Council and was adopted in 2012. Subsequently, Urbis, in corporation with The Engineering Division of the municipality, [...]

Kennedy Süd Luxemburg-city

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"Promenade des Fleurs” is the winning entry of a competition in 2011. The future Kennedy Süd district will be developed along a main access road of Luxemburg-City, a former highway, Avenue Kennedy. The Kennedy Süd development is an important part of an ongoing process of densification and enlivening of the [...]

Haarlem Raaks

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 The Raaks –project is the result of a competition , wich hase been released by the city of Haarlem in 1997. Winner was the combination of the development combination MAB-DURA-AMVEST, and URBIS. It concerns the renewal of a well situated corner of the historical centre of Haarlem, that in 1997 [...]

Heerhugowaard City Centre

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The town centre of Heerhugowaard has an important regional function. It has an extensive selection of shops and other facilities, including a cinema and the town hall. The clarity and personality of this centre was moderate and introvert. The introduction of several functions and the restructuring will convert this shopping [...]

Bijlmer Amsterdam

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The modernization of the Bijlmermeer, a large suburb in the southeast of Amsterdam built in the 1960s, began almost immediately after delivery of the first block of flats. For many years, the buildings were modernized on an ad-hoc basis. The urban regeneration process started in 1993 in the Ganzenhoef quarter [...]

Lupine Schiebroek Rotterdam


The Lupine project is a renewal of a post war dwelling area , and a revision of the nearby shopping centre. Post war apartment blocks are replaced by town houses and a central green square with high density apartments. The shopping area has been concentrated in a more compact form. [...]

Tolhek Pijnacker

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Tolhek is a typical enlargement wthin the region Rotterdam-The Hague and served the purpose of the need of town houses in this region. Special is the incorporation of the regional green blue netwerk, a central park and the transportation system in the direction of the two greater cities. client Gemeente [...]


For the town Gouda, on several miles from Rotterdam, Urbis designed a masterplan in a very low situated polder. It contains more than 4000 dwellings on a new site of the town. It has to become a neighbourhoud, friendly for water. The high water pressure on the area is coming [...]

Olympic Stadium


Olympic Stadium and surroundings Amsterdam (national monument) At the end of the nineties the use of the Olympic stadium was to end. At first demolition of the stadium was foreseen. It was planned to develop the site into a living area with 1.200 dwellings. This to reduce the persistent shortage [...]

Centre Delfland Amsterdam


The centre of the Delflandplein area has to be renewed. The design proposal of Urbiscontains transformation on different scales: the region, the city and the neighbourhoud. The twin towers, exactly placed in the curve of the A10, are real eye catchers. client de Nijs and Far West period 1997 – [...]

Utrecht Haarrijn

A special project on a well known site. Along the A2 , where evrybody passes between Utrecht and Amsterdam, there is the last urban site, before the green hart starts. Here Urbis designed a masterplan ,for mixed use. Small and larger companies, dwellings and a small recreation area, compleet with [...]

Almere Overgooi


Almere Overgooi is a new , large suburb of the newtown Almere, wich can be found as the capital of the Dutch sea polders. The masterplan of Overgooi has been designed by Urbis and is well known for the large , in Holland uncommon, parcels. The designers laid down he [...]

Amersfoort Vathorst

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In the plan area some 1,000 houses will be built. The first of these were realized in the summer of 2004. Urbis has the supervision over the architects who work in various subareas and for various clients. The office will also design the outside space in detail. client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst, [...]


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Experience Urbis specialized in reconstruction in existing cities and villages. In these projects we always have to deal with inhabitants, Enterprises and users of the area. The plans are sometimes intervene radically in the physic structure. That’s why input, exchange of information and understating for each other and crucial for [...]

Zandvoort Park Duinwijk


Duijnwijk was the last extension of Zandvoort, but one of the most spectaculair. The slopes of the dunes are dramatised in the design by vistas and special architecture. The dwelling program is dense and very colourful. The main theme for the design is : öut of the wind, in the [...]