Groenewoud Utrecht


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Lansingerland Meerpolder


From 2014 Petra sala is supervisor for Meerpolder. The final parts of this neighbourhood must be developed. Important for the new developments is to fit in the existing parts because most of the area is already there. Spatial quaility is leading for her in this process. client Community of Lansingerland [...]

Sittard-Geleen Masterplan


Specific themes for Sittard-Geleen are: * the location in three landscapes: the Maas valley, the mid terrace and the hill area; * the presence of two highways, the Juliana canal and the harbour area with much industry near Born; * the influence of DSM and Chemelot, a big industrial area [...]

Kennedy Süd Luxemburg-city

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"Promenade des Fleurs” is the winning entry of a competition in 2011. The future Kennedy Süd district will be developed along a main access road of Luxemburg-City, a former highway, Avenue Kennedy. The Kennedy Süd development is an important part of an ongoing process of densification and enlivening of the [...]

Centre Limmel-Nazareth

The project involves the restructuring of the areas along the A2. This is due to the tunneling of the A2 through a big part of Maastricht. As a result of the tunneling, the main surface transforms into a city boulevard. Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood areas, which are owned by residential [...]


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IJsselstein Benschopperpoort

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Leiden structure vision


In close consultation / collaboration with the municipality to establish a structure for 2020 for the city of Leiden. Herein lays down both spatial-functional and traffic engineering framework for the future. Alignment has taken place in the region. The regional plan for Holland Rhine had an almost parallel development at [...]


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Experience Urbis specialized in reconstruction in existing cities and villages. In these projects we always have to deal with inhabitants, Enterprises and users of the area. The plans are sometimes intervene radically in the physic structure. That’s why input, exchange of information and understating for each other and crucial for [...]