Project omschrijving

Vathorst Velden II Amersfoort

Vathorst Velden II is centrally located within Vathorst Vinex location. In addition to a housing program (approx. 1000 homes), the plan part also includes a shopping and facilities center. The design is based on the underlying landscape structure, consisting of a sand ridge and plot patterns of meadows. The valuable wooded banks and green structures are crucial, giving the district a strong green character. Urbis was responsible for the urban design, supervision and design of the outer space of the district.

client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst
assignment urban design, supervision, preliminary design / final design of public space, management plan
program approx. 1000 homes, retail functions, educational facilities, cultural functions
team Petra Sala (design), Donald Lambert (design), Jeroen Leemans, Filippus van Leeuwen, Niels van der Stolpe
year 1999 – 2012
images Urbis
themes expansion location, housing, landscape, education, public space