Project Description

Sittard-Geleen Structural Concept

Specific themes for Sittard-Geleen are: * the location in three landscapes: the Maas valley, the mid terrace and the hilly area; * the presence of two highways, the Juliana canal and the harbour area with much industry near Born; * the influence of DSM and Chemelot, a big industrial area in Geleen; * some historical important elements, like the historical inner city of Sittard and all the castles in the surroundings. The difference between the many villages and the cities Sittard and Geleen are reflected in the definition of the living environments. One of the main future themes is the handling of the expected shrink of the population in the western mining area. The council chose not to expand. They expect no new housing will be added, but for each new built house, an existing house must disappear.

client Sittard-Geleen municipality
period 2009 – 2010
design Petra Sala, i.c.w. DHV
project team Kingson Wu, Martijn Koole
assignment regional design
photography Urbis