Project omschrijving

Structure- and livingvision Sittard-Geleen

Urbis has drawn up the housing vision for Sittard-Geleen on behalf of the housing company ZO Wonen. In the same period, Urbis contributed to the Sittard-Geleen structural vision on behalf of the municipality. This has created cohesion between housing development and other developments in the municipality.
In addition to the ZO housing vision, Urbis has developed a number of sub-projects from this vision to demonstrate the housing options.

Sittard and Geleen differ enormously from each other in spatial terms. Sittard can already benefit a lot from the landscape due to its lobe structure. Geleen, on the other hand, turns away from this more. The city is mainly sandwiched between rail, highway and industry. These differences are further emphasized in the vision. One of the most important future themes is dealing with the expected population decline in the Western mining region. It has been decided not to expand and to assume that no more houses will be built, but that for every house that is built, one will have to be demolished.

client gemeente Sittard-Geleen, Zo Wonen
assignment structural vision, future vision for living, various urban development elaborations
team Petra Sala (ontwerp), i.c.w. DHV (design), Kingson Wu, Martijn Koole
year 2009 – 2013
images Urbis
themes vision & stategy