Munnikenpolder Leiderdorp

Due to the new deepened location of the A4, Leiderdorp is no longer completely intersected by the highway. This creates opportunities for the redevelopment of the adjacent Munnikenpolder. This polder will function as a gateway to the national landscape “Green Heart” and will therefore be completely redesigned.

In the design we have incorporated both intensively used functions (marina, skating and skating rink, manifestation area) on the Leiderdorp side and extensively used parts (nature areas with ecological value) on the Green Heart side. By working with polder ditches and islands with various ground level heights, a varied and relatively moist landscape is created in the long term that can be maintained with a minimum of management. A bicycle bridge over the A4 makes a direct connection between the heart of Leiderdorp and the polder possible.

client City council of Leiderdorp
assignment preliminary design outdoor space, final design outdoor space
program nature reserve, skating and inline skating rink, marina, manifestation site
team Petra Sala, Filippus van Leeuwen, Jeroen Leemans
year 2002 – 2013
images Urbis
themes public space, climate and sustainability, water issue, landscape, recreation