Project omschrijving

Lupine neigbourhood Rotterdam

The Lupine project is a renewal of a post war dwelling area in Schiebroek, and a revision of the nearby shopping centre. Post war apartment blocks are replaced by town houses and a central green square with high density apartments. The shopping area has been concentrated in a more compact form.

The Peppelweg (road) is the most important shopping street in the Lupine area. Lupine consisted of more than 550 appartment houses and many shops and busniesses.
We wanted to maintain the green feeling of this neighbourhood, and make the housing more diverse. We designed a spacious and functional central square. Part of the study was the relocation of the supermarket and restructure of the shops and businesses.

client Corporatie COM Wonen, Rotterdam
assignment Urban planning preliminary design, final design and supervision
team Donald Lambert (design), Annemieke Molster, Martijn van Diessen, Evert Kuijpers en Niels van der Stople
year 2001 – 2012
images Urbis
themes urban transformation, urban planning, supervision