Project Description

Groenewoud Utrecht

The residential area Groenewoud is about 24 hectares and is part of Utrecht’s Papendorp district. The area is characterized by its location on the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal and the short distance to shopping malls Kanaleneiland and Leidse Rijn Center.

At Groenewoud 1300-1500 houses are planned. In the design you’ll see that the area will be an important link between the existing city and the suburb Leidse Rijn. There are planned many different styles of houses like family houses, apartments, maisonnettes and tiny houses. This variety makes the neighborhood unique compared to the ones around it. The density fits right between the inner-city and suburban areas. Groenewoud will therefore be an urban-green area.

The main design of Groenewoud is based on the underlying structure of the original lining of ditches and rivulets in the landscape. The allotment pattern of the area will be in diagonal direction towards the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, which will result in not one but two views towards the canal. This multi-transparency makes all qualities of the canal in Groenewoud perceptible.

client Loostad B.V.
period 2017- ongoing
design Petra Sala
project team Esther van der Sluys, Lennart van Heijningen i.s.m. Kraaijvanger Architects en Buro Sant & Co
assignment Master plan, urban design
photography Urbis