Project omschrijving

Eurocontrol Zone & Boulevard Konrad Adenauer (Luxemburg)

The site is the former location of the National Library of Luxembourg, the former location of the European air control education center (Eurocontrol), and a strip of open land alongside the Boulevard Adenauer. Due to the re-development with residential program, the area will be more mixed-use.

The design connects both sides along the boulevard. As an effect, the old district Kirchberg Dorf is connected with the large-scale development of the European district. New connections are developed between Parc Central and Kirchberg Dorf. The design of the new area will be car-free, and the masterplan will provide flexibility for adding new office space. Alongside the park, freestanding residential buildings will be situated in publicly accessible greenery, and thus connecting Parc Central with the Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. The new development also includes a new central square.

client Fonds d'urbanisation et d'aménagement du plateau de Kirchberg
assignment urban design
team Petra Sala i.c.w. Bosch Slabbers (design), Stephanie Appenzeller
year 2015-ongoing
images Urbis
themes urban transformation, urban design