Project omschrijving

Amphia Hospital Breda

The local hospital Amphia, will transform to a top clinical center in the larger Breda region. Urbis has been asked to develop the urban design of this megastructure event. A specific task of the design is the transformation of its position: from the back side of the important CPlaan (parkway), to a more logical placed building faced to the same parkway, now as a visible welcoming connection with the public.
Urbis has been asked to shape this increase in scale on the Molengracht in urban planning and to conduct the urban development part of the process and consultation. This required in particular the turnaround in which the Amphia hospital was removed from the second line behind the CPlaan and a more prominent, more publicly visible relationship with the city could be obtained. Landscape carriers have been devised and used for this purpose. The plan is currently in an elaboration phase, where bureau Wiegerinck is in charge of the ensemble.

client Amphia hospital
assignment urban design, landscape design
team Donald Lambert (design), Filippus van Leeuwen, Aris Moorlag
year 2007 – 2014
images Urbis (Drone photos Laurence Betjes)
themes urban transformation, urban design