Project Description


Urbis specialized in reconstruction in existing cities and villages. In these projects we always have to deal with inhabitants, Enterprises and users of the area. The plans are sometimes intervene radically in the physic structure. That’s why input, exchange of information and understating for each other and crucial for the degree of success of a project. In many projects we gained experience in the participation. Sometimes by consultation of representatives, information markets, presentations, workshops, polls, a website or even excursions with inhabitants. These are all options for involving inhabitants in a changing process. Even before the formal participation there will be more understanding for the plans and it is also possible to integrate ideas ore suggestions in the plans, at an early moment.

Here you see a selection of projects that had a high level of participation. It are images of the projects Scheveningen-Haven, Luxemburg Kennedy-Süd, Utrecht Queeckhovenpleinbuurt and Zaandam Slachthuisbuurt.