Project Description

Olympic Stadium and surroundings Amsterdam (national monument)
At the end of the nineties the use of the Olympic stadium was to end. At first demolition of the stadium was foreseen. It was planned to develop the site into a living area with 1.200 dwellings. This to reduce the persistent shortage of houses in Amsterdam. The province decided that there should be an initiative to reinvestigate the possible maintenance of the stadium, because of the special brick architecture (1927, architect Jan Wils). Urbis took care of the urban design of this investigation. The goal was to keep the stadium and build 800 houses in direct surroundings of it. Based on this study, the decision was made to retain the stadium, the Minister declared it a national monument and a plan was made for the development of a living area surrounding the stadium.

client Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling, Capelle aan den IJssel
period 1996
design Donald Lambert and Petra Sala
projectteam in cooperation with Bureau Van Stigt
type design study
photographer Urbis B.V.