Project Description

The project involves the restructuring of the areas along the A2. This is due to the tunneling of the A2 through a big part of Maastricht.
As a result of the tunneling, the main surface transforms into a city boulevard. Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood areas, which are owned by residential corporations, attain possibilities for large scale restructuring.
Each neighborhood area is analyzed for programmatic and spatial possibilities. The following neighborhoods are subjected to this analysis:
Wyckerpoort /Wittevrouwenveld, Nazareth, Limmel. Furthermore the shopping, school and an bordering park area is worked out more detailed.

client City of Maastricht,Servatius housing corporation and Woonpunt
period 2009 – 2011
design Petra Sala
projectteam Pauline Bron, Jaume Vidal, in corporation with B+B
type design urban plans design of the central area of Limmel-Nazareth and reconstruction of the surrounding neighborhood.
photographer Urbis and B+B