Urbis advices across the full spectrum of the urban landscape and political discipline, in different scales. We mainly focus on the sustainable future task, the restructuring of the urban area. Linked to this, we design urban outdoor spaces and parks.



Getting started in Utrechts Kanaleneiland-Transwijk

We are excited to participate with the local council of Utrecht and the housing corporations Bo-Ex, Mitros and Portaal, in their efforts to make an environmental vision for the Kanaleneiland-Transwijk district. We map out the district and we are the sounding board for all parties involved. We contribute with our expertise and knowledge of urban design. We aim to provide a long term vision for the living environment of the area. We focus on urban living, sustainability and energy transition, mobility, accessability and climate adaptation.

Team Urbis visits Flanders

In september we visited Flanders with the entire Urbis team, where we saw some very interesting inner city restructuring sites. In Gent we visited cultural centre ‘Krook’, in Leuven the redevelopment site ‘Vaartkom’ and we wandered around the embankments in Antwerp. We also walked through the beautiful car-free zone of the former Militar Hospital grounds, a green oasis in the inner city of Antwerp. Completely inspired we returned to our Rotterdam office to continue our work on national and international projects. Want to know more? Contact us anytime!

Completion of Scheveningen Harbour

De eerste blokken van Scheveningen Haven zijn opgeleverd en bewoond! Vanuit de lucht zijn mooie foto's gemaakt waarop je duidelijk de binnenhoven en appartementen kunt zien. Urbis was verantwoordelijk voor het stedenbouwkundig plan, beeldkwaliteitplan en de kwaliteitsbewaking via het Q-team, dit in samenwerking met de gemeente Den Haag. Voor [...]

Regional Agenda for the Water Authority 'Schieland en Krimpenerwaard'

The Water Authority of 'Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard' is excited about the regional agenda advise that Urbis developed for them. These dynamic instruments combine water safety, climate adaptive living areas, subsidence and water quality to the strategic developments in the region.


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