Urbis advices across the full spectrum of the urban landscape and political discipline, in different scales. We mainly focus on the sustainable future task, the restructuring of the urban area. Linked to this, we design urban outdoor spaces and parks.



Kronenburg area vision published

We have drawn up an area vision for the future of Kronenburg on behalf of the municipality of Arnhem, Wereldhave and Amvest. The area vision can be viewed via this link. With this vision, the municipality applies for a subsidy from the Housing Impulse scheme of the central government. The Kronenburg district is located in the heart of [...]

Urbis visiting the Heerderhof

On Saturday April 17th, VanWonen organized a festive closure of the construction period for the new residents of the Heerderhof in Heerde, coronaproof. There was a barista with coffee and tea for the handy residents and the outdoor library in front was festively unveiled. From Urbis, Esther and Petra were at the festivities [...]

In the meantime, at Heerde

They are buidling on site! Care home 'de Wendhorst' moved to a new location, so we were invited to create a new neighbourhood together with VanWonen and some residents.

Lots of interest in Ringers Quarter online information meeting

On Monday evening, November 16th, an online information meeting was held for residents and interested parties of the Ringers Quarter. Despite Covid-19, this allowed information to be shared between the project team and about a hundred interested parties. During the meeting, a video was played in which Urbis, BPD development, the alderman and the architects involved [...]


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