They are building right now!

With the re-location of the care centre Wendhorst, a new neighbourhood, de Heerderhof, could be created. Urbis developed the plans together with VanWonen and a board of local residents. It consists in 12 new care homes for 8 residents each. In addition 50-55 houses were planned, in a great variety of types and prices; smaller houses, detached and semi-detached, as well as rental housing. This creates a living environment for different target groups and generations, which makes this neighbourhood life-cycle proof.

Typically for this neighbourhood is the 2 mtr altitude difference. We used it to create a hilly outdoor landscape design.

Due to the positioning of the animal pasture and the vegetable gardens in the center of the district, the plan offers many opportunities for encounters. This gives 'noaberschap' the place it deserves in society.