Hi, my name is Soudabeh and I work at Urbis as an urban design trainee.

The PEP traineeship offers me the opportunity to acquire all possible knowledge about the urban design field in two years time, which would normally cost many years of working experience.

Urbis is the third company of four. Each time I work 6 months, I worked at BGSV and Kuiper Compagnons and after Urbis I will work at the city of Rotterdam. During these two years I try to work on many different projects with different scales. Besides this I study the PEP program and lectures about all disciplines in the field.
After each 6 months period we have a meeting with the other trainees and our mentors. We exchange experiences and talk about our goals and expectations for the next period. With the help from our mentors we determine our goals and objectives and we enhance our knowledge and skills.

During this two years traineeship I'm building a great network of fellow professionals but I also have to develop myself! What kind of designer do I want to be? What is most interesting to me or where do I want to immerse myself in? For sure, the learning path of an urban designer never ends, and I will always be curious, learning and experiencing to be able to improve myself.