We have drawn up an area vision for the future of Kronenburg on behalf of the municipality of Arnhem, Wereldhave and Amvest. The area vision is via this link to view. With this vision, the municipality applies for a subsidy from the housing incentive scheme of the national government.

The Kronenburg district is located in the heart of Arnhem South and expresses itself as a typical 80s district: gritty, monotonous building walls, introverted neighborhoods and undefined public spaces. To improve the quality of life, more greenery will be created, more and better connections for cyclists and pedestrians will be made and more meeting places will be created. A large number of new homes in various categories will also be added, making the housing supply more diverse and future-proof. The shopping center is turning into a 'full service center' and cars are guided more efficiently to their destination.

We have enjoyed working with the clients, RPHS+ and the supervisor of Stadskracht.