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Urbis in times of COVID-19

These are the strangest times. Health around the world is at stake and governments have taken extensive decisions to get us through this. At Urbis we are fortunate that we are all well, but we are impressed by what we are all experiencing right now. We are lucky to be still at work, whether it is from home or office, as we take our responsibility not to be in the same room. We are all connected, to each other and our clients, thanks to phones and Skype. Our office phone number may not be answered as promptly as you expect of us, but don’t hesitate to contact us on our mobile or email. Look out for yourself, and everyone around you. Stay safe. Donald, Petra, Esther, Lennart, Audrey, Brenda, Stephanie, Walid, Suko and Yvonne

(Nederlands) Succesvolle inloopavond Ringerskwartier

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(Nederlands) Even voorstellen: Kate

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(Nederlands) Aan de slag voor Kanaleneiland-Transwijk

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Urbis team outing in Flanders Belgium

In september we visited Flanders with the entire Urbis team, where we saw some very interesting inner city restructuring sites. In Gent we visited cultural centre 'Krook', in Leuven the restructure site 'Vaartkom' and we wandered around the embankments in Antwerp. We also walked through the beautiful car-free zone of the former Militar Hospital grounds, a green oasis in the inner city of Antwerp. Completely inspired we returned to our Rotterdam office to continue our work on national and international projects. Want to know more? Contact us anytime!

inhabited first blocks of Scheveningen Harbour

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(Nederlands) Opgeleverd: Gebiedsagenda’s voor Hoogheemraadschap Schieland en Krimpenerwaard

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Exhibition Bijlmer opened

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Co-creation process in Luxemburg Kirchberg

Monday the 9th of October the co creation process in Luxemburg Kirchberg continued with a workshop. At a special location, the tram remise, we continued working on the three projects: Zone A1 Kennedy Sud, Grünewald and Kiem. Several architects, engineers and landscape architects will start working in teams in the next months. Goal is to make sustainable and innovative projects that will have the accordance of a variety of people and participants, both professionals as well as residents. All projects will be based on the Cradle-to Cralde principles of Bill McDonough, who is also involved in the process.

Scheveningen-Harbour progress

Scheveningen-Harbour project is in progress and standing tall. For more information about the Urbis project, see also: