The underlying landscape with all its characteristics is the starting point in Urbis' urban plans. Both disciplines, outdoor space design and urban planning, have therefore always been united within the office. Since 2019, Audrey Coert has worked with our team as a designer outdoor space from her Land-made agency. This fruitful collaboration has already led to a number of great projects, such as our winning design for Bentwijck.

Since 2009 she has worked in her own office and previously at Stijlgroep and at the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of Rotterdam for various clients at different scales: from garden to park and from street to district. Her designs focus on creating sustainable and resilient landscapes. Climate, biodiversity and the interaction between people and the environment are decisive factors in this regard. As a member of the Professional Development Committee of the NVTL, she stimulates the exchange of knowledge on these current themes, for example by co-organizing and moderating webinars. In her spare time she is one of the drivers and designers of the greening of her own living environment. Audrey is a passionate designer of outdoor space with a great affinity for urban planning and we are pleased to announce that she has joined as a partner to strengthen and deepen the landscape component in our plans.