Photo: Platz Heerhugowaard

Urban design is for people!

This concept we promote in our projects. The new assignment should lead to an improvement of the environment for all of us.

Urbis is working with the existing situation and context as a starting point. By analyzing the location, the qualities of an area emerges and becomes the base for the future. Public space is the bearer of a design; this creates the possibility to connect the existing network of green, outdoor space and infrastructure. By making a good design and ‘ambiance’, the surrounding too will take advantage of the new developments.


Photo: Kennedy Sud Luxembourg is an extremely durable plan including green roof , solar energy, sustainable drainage, but also social sustainability.


At Urbis, sustainability starts with a vision on the assignment on the highest scale. By designing a framework of public spaces, a understandable structure will arise. This keeps the plan in the long term readable and clear.
During the last years, Urbis acquired and practiced much knowledge about the relation between urban design and environmental contours.

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Water task

In the past years, Urbis dealt a lot with the relation between, living, working and the water. Inspired by the current water task, we studied a lot on new concepts in this field. Facing the increasing problems dealing with water and the climate change on long term, Urbis is urging to carry out these concepts in the urban planning.

For Urbis, a project is successful, when both initiators and users appreciates it. Urbis is proud of what is has achieved in the past years. Also in the future, we will make ourselves strong for the livability of the city, the environment of people!