Project Description

The town centre of Heerhugowaard has an important regional function.

It has an extensive selection of shops and other facilities, including a cinema and the town hall. The clarity and personality of this centre was moderate and introvert. The introduction of several functions and the restructuring will convert this shopping centre into a real town centre. This will also involve remodelling the public area whose quality must be raised to a suitable level.

The spearhead of the town planning concept is to make the shopping centre extrovert. The shopping centre will be given a new face by creating façades on the outside, and solving the loading and unloading internally where possible. The shopping centre’s new façades will be straightened, and new developments will be constructed in areas that are still open, thereby creating clear public areas.
The density of the town centre will be increased by construction on the open sites and by building on top of the shopping centre. There will be a mix of residences, shops, entertainment and culture. In this way, a lively town centre with a many-sided programme will be created.

client council of Heerhugowaard
period 1995-2013
design Donald Lambert.
projectteam Filippus van Leeuwen, Stijnie Lohof, Annemiek Molster, Josine van Seventer, Jeroen Leemans.
type design masterplan, supervision, public space.
photographer Urbis, luchtfoto 1. : Luchtfotoshop, Aerotuijp bv  Volendam.