inhabited first blocks of Scheveningen Harbour

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(Nederlands) Word jij onze ruimtelijk trainee?

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Exhibition Bijlmer opened

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(Nederlands) Groenewoud gaat van start!

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Urbis visits the Ruhr-area

The Urbis team went to the Ruhr-area for two days to gain some inspiration. Different housing, redevelopment and landscape projects have been payed a visit. In Essen, a new example of a mulitinational headquarters is to be seen at the ThyssenKrupp campus. The ThyssenKrupp steel manufacturer has built its headquarters in a landscaped campus with office buildings and pavilions. In Duisburg, the transformation of a former harbour area has been transformed into i lively city center district. Also the Reinpark is developed in a former industrial area, but here it turns out to be a landscape park right next to the river. In Dortmund a tour was organised inside a private collective housing complex ‘Am Tremoniapark’. Also in Dortmund, the Phoenixsee was payed a visit. A large new waterfront development at te edge of an artificial lake. Due to the good weather, it became clear that the Ruhr-area is transforming from an industrial area to a region with clean and healthy cities.

completion dwellings in Bijlmer Amsterdam

At the 22 of March the first new inhabitants of the new neighborhood in Amsterdam Bijlmer got their key form the alderman of Amsterdam. This is the urban renweal project of the Bijlmermeer, see for more information about the Urbis project also http://www.urbis.nl/en/portfolio-items/bijlmer-amsterdam/ and for more information about the Emerald part of it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emerald/595459693931362 voor meer informatie over het buurtje Emerald zie :

Quartier Stuff-Grünewald Luxemburg city

Eind 2015 is een event georganiseerd waarin de mogelijkheden voor de ontwikkeling van o.a. een hotel in de wijk Grünewald in Luxemburg stad is besproken met de inwoners van de wijk. Participatie over de inrichting van een bewonersplein en de indeling van de plot kwamen ook aan de orde. Men kon ook stemmen voor bepaalde voorstellen. Er kwamen veel bezoekers op af. Urbis was aanwezig in een van de tenten om de bewoners te informeren. Zie ook de facebook pagina:

presentation historical atlas of Delft

October the 23st the presentation took place of the historical atlas of the city of Delft. The author Stef van der Gaag handed over the first books to the alderman of the City of Delft and to the rector of the University of Delft. From now on you can buy the book in the bookshops. In the autumn the historical atlas of the City of Delft will be published.City of crafts and techniques Written by Stef van der Gaag The ground plan of Delft is estimated by the drain of water. A dug watercourse, named de Oude Delft, connects de the Vliet and the Schie. Almost rectangular several ditches are situated. In the Dutch Golden Age the early importance of Delft was emphasized by the third position in the row of voting cities. The city also was a large lager for weapons and had a number of military warehouses and workshops. Because of the Harbour (Delfshaven) Delft was also represented in the College of Admiralty and the Fishing Board. ca. 80 pages | 25 x 33 cm al lot of illustrationsr design by Jan Boerman † introduction price €24,50, daarna €29,50 | november

start building Meerhaege, Berkel

Thursday the 1. Of October the building started for the project Meerhaege in Berkel en Rodenrijs, the Netherlands. The project, which contains 84 houses, is situated in the neighbourhood Meerpolder, between the Oostmeelaan and the Naardermeerstraat. Petra Sala was involved in the project as supervisor (for the council of Lansingerland). The project was developed very fast in the period september 2014 – december 2104. The developer is a combination of Tetteroo and AM, the architect is Paul Kloet.

Affordable living in Luxembourg City

At the 12the of June the ministers François Bausch and Maggy Magel gave a pressconfernece about the new ploitcs for housing. They want to make more living areas at the Plateau of Kirchberg and they want to make an end of the continualsey increasing prices of real estate in Luxemburg. In the future it must be possible for people with middle incomes to live in an affordable house in Luxemburg. They took several measures to reach this goal. For the planning area of Kennedy Süd and in special the first Phase, Zone A1 this measures will be implemented. The Zone A1-Kennedy Süd project Urbis works on is an important step to make affordable housing in Luxemburg possible. For more information about the project Kennedy Süd see our website For more information about the pressconference: press website